Frequently asked questions


If you can't find the answer to your question on this page, please contact our Customer Care Team

So I’ve loaded my basket and clicked the button, now what?

The wonders of technology - after you’ve hit that Submit button to confirm your order it’ll wing its way to us and you’ll receive a message showing your personal Order ID number. Then we will send you a fast-as-the-speed-of-light (well almost!) email which confirms your order and tracking info. Just incase our lightning speed isn’t on full power give us up to 30mins.

If your email doesn’t arrive contact us – sometimes things just disappear into the big black hole that is the world wide web. Oh and make sure you add lovedesire to your safe list and double check your junk folder just in case!

How long till I get my stuff?

We know it’s annoying having to wait but patience is a virtue and it’ll so be worth it when you get all your goodies! Just check out our delivery information page for a timescale for your chosen delivery. 

Can I make changes to the order once it’s been placed?

It is a female prerogative to change her mind so yes, of course you can make changes – but only so long as the order’s not already dispatched! Get in touch ASAP otherwise we may have processed and it will be too late. We’re happy to make changes to your order, which you can do by contacting us as soon as possible.


Can I track my order?

Yep absolutely – When you place your order we will include all your tracking information you need in your order confirmation email 

Can I cancel my order?

Not sure why you’d want to, but these things happen! Just submit an email or call us to cancel straight away as once its dispatched you will have to wait until you receive the parcel and then return it to us for a refund.